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Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Lonely housewife Heather

Oh yeah it’s back to that time, pizza loven straight from the oven! Today’s update features lonely housewife Heather, who’s husbands was out for work while she was left at home starving for cock. Matt with 2 years of experienced delivered what she need some good ass fucking service delivered straight between her door.

Matt and I made this tape for all you Big Sausage Delivery Guy Wannabes! We'll show you how easy it is to deliver pizzas to lonely housewives and get them to suck and fuck your meat! Heather shows us what giving good customer service is like.”

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Tuesday, July 19, 2005

Sava fucking a big sausage dick

Another cutie added on the big sausage pizza delivery list.. Featuring another satisfied Big sausage pizza customer Sava, a sweet young brunette with huge bouncy boobs, 100% authentic! You got to take a look at those things… DAYUM. Be sure to enter below for instant access to Sava ’s brief collection of movies and pics.

Sava was upset that her Big Sausage was late! Our driver, Reno had to work extra hard to make it up to her. She wanted the sausage here, she wanted it there, picky picky. She wasn't picky about Reno's special sauce, though. She took it however he served it! Watch her enjoy!”

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Sunday, July 17, 2005

Luccia takes on 2 big sausage dicks

DRIVER: Brad and Kris • CUSTOMER: Luccia
Today’s Big Sausage pizzaspecial. Order any Big Sausage Pizza and get a 2nd one free! With extra cum sauce!! So what are your waiting for?... Luccia couldn’t resist the offer.. She was frilled she's getting 2 Big Sausage Pizza's for the price of one, Plus generous portion of gang banging.

Luccia LOVES her sausage! When 2 of our delivery guys went over to her house she just couldn't decide which pizza delivery guy to eat first, so she devoured BOTH cocks. What can you do? You have to please a customer any way possible!”

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Friday, July 15, 2005

Shy isnt so Shy

They strive to be the best Sausage Pizza Delivery joint in town by providing the best customer service. When Shy asked for a big sausage pizza, Craig showed her the best service by delivering the pizzas with this cock hanging out, ready to fuck her in all sorts of positions. The next day she called back for more!

“This hottie was anything but shy. She let us right in her house not knowing that our special way to deliver is with a cock on top. Shy ordered our hawaiian pizza which offered a ring of pinapple at the base of the sausage. Shy forgot about the pizza and enjoyed every bit of the dick!”

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Tuesday, July 12, 2005

Big sausage for Aspen's big tits

Today’s update features a really satisfied Big sausage pizza customer Aspen, a cute blonde, with huge fucking boobs! Not to mention her tits are 100% natural! Cum in watch her lick and swallows the pizza delivery mans big pizza's sausage whole, without chewing!

“We video taped Mac's customer service evaluation by one of his most satisfied customers, Aspen. From the cock-in-the-box, the fucking of the pussy and the tits... all here for YOUR evaluation! See how she gives him the best tip by letting him shoot his wad on her face!”

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Saturday, July 09, 2005

Two sausages for MILF Sara

Big Sausage Pizza must be the busiest pizza delivery joint in town.. Cuz I’m hooking you up with some brand new Big Sausage Pizza movie clips of Sara fresh from the oven, delivered directly to you from the Big Sausage Pizza website. Be sure check out the boobs on Sara! She is one hot MILF with huge juggity juggs..

“At first Sara really wasn't sure she wanted our free sausage. She even said it ruined her pizza. Boy was she quickly eating her words - and licking our sausage! We fucked this horny housewife so good that we're sure she'll be a repeat customer! Sara even tipped us!”

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Friday, July 08, 2005

Alicia choking on some sausages

I know many of you have said yada yadawhy hasn't there been an update, well to make a long story short...I was drunk... Anyway here's some movie clips and pics on Alicia a hot blonde with massive fucking tits choking on the pizza delivery mans big sausage...

“Joey showed up at Alicia’s house with some pepperoni pizzas that she hadn’t ordered. He laid a sob story on her about the cash for the pizzas coming out of his pay. She was a nice girl and wanted to help so Joey offered her the sausage!”

Movie Clips: Big Sausage Pizza Alicia

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Saturday, July 02, 2005

Ava bangs the pizza guy

Prompt Pizza Delivery straight to your door! Today’s update features Big Sausage Pizza Eva, I cant even begin to explain how amazingly hot this chick is. She’s got the most gorgeous pair of tits and the most perfect sculptured body, especially her cute squeezable buttock, and Best of all she loved her free big sausage pizza!

“ I rode with Jack to Ava's house to learn how to deliver a Big Sausage Pizza. After seeing the sausage, she was more than happy to slurp on and ride his big sausage! He worked her hard for a tip and did she ever give it to him. The she order extra cheese to be shot all over her face.”

Movie Clips: Big Sausage Pizza Ava

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